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 Final Application

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PostSubject: Final Application   Sat Jan 02, 2010 1:48 pm

What is your GT/PSN? :iTz RogR

Do you have AIM? If so, what is it? :rogerevanse Never on it

How old are you? :17

What is your GB rank (include link to profile)? :16K, http://gamebattles.com/xbox360/nba-2k10/team/demar-derozan

What ladder(s)/game(s) do you participate in? :Nba 2k10,Cod Series,Madden,Mlb Series.

What is your team(s) record? :41-5

Why are you interested in our sponsorship? :I think the Logos are really good, I want a team logo, Maybe a different one for playoffs, And avartar to show off the website.

What does you have to offer that other's do not? :Winning Gb championships, Bringing back a championship for the site, Playoff match Monday 9:00Pm EST, Witch i plan on winning, One think i believe i can offer is staying with the site i won't leave i,ll stay loyal and i want this to be my forever sponsor.

What are some of your best achievements? :Winning Gamestop tournaments, Best team ever made was Team X Clusive 100-3 Spring 2009 Season.

Link to My Gamebattles Page- http://gamebattles.com/profile/Flacco2Mason
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PostSubject: Re: Final Application   Sat Jan 02, 2010 3:49 pm

Accepted -

- Bronze Sponsorship
Bronze Sponsorship is the first step of a new beginning. Which includes:
• One Logo and Avatar
• 70% Discount on all logos
- To get to Silver or Gold:
• Gold:
- Place in top 5 on any of your teams.
- Earn two achievements (Already Done)
- Active on our site over 100 posts
• Silver:
- Top 50 on any of your teams
- Earn one Achievement (Already Done)
- Active on our Forums over 50 posts

*** Please Contact Me at AIM, SKYPE, GB, OR ON HERE! For more questions.***

Aim - Anthonananany
Skype - AnthonyAntolino33
Gb - No_Rank

I need your Team HTML widget.
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Final Application
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